Global inequality of hourly income

September 25, 2023 |

Where do people work the most, and earn the most? Is there a link between working hours and income inequality? Anique Ahmed compares variations in


Elections and social inequalities in France, 1789-2022

September 6, 2023 |

    Thomas Piketty and Julia Cagé‘s new book, Une histoire du conflit politique, Elections et inégalités sociales en France, 1789-2022,  is now available in


2022 Activity Report

September 4, 2023 |

We are delighted to present our 2022 Activity Report. 2022 was marked by important milestones for the World Inequality Lab, highlighted by the publication and


The far-right donation gap

August 29, 2023 |

Although the 21st century is often portrayed as the “age of philanthropy”, with an unprecedented increase in charitable giving, the proportion of the population giving


Spatial wage inequality in North America and Western Europe 1975-2019

July 31, 2023 |

In recent decades, income inequality has been on the rise in most of the world’s leading economies. To what extent do spatial inequalities – such


Social security wealth reduces wealth inequality in the EU, new study finds

July 28, 2023 |

The ageing of society means that public pension systems are becoming increasingly important. What is the impact of public pension entitlements on wealth inequality among


Income inequality in the Duchy of Warsaw (1810/11)

July 28, 2023 |

The Duchy of Warsaw was a Polish state established by Napoleon Bonaparte, which existed in the years 1807-1815. Although the Duchy of Warsaw existed only


The biological cost of the economic transition in Poland

July 28, 2023 |

Variation in height has two components: genetic and environmental. Genetic factors explain 70% of the variation in height. The rest of the variation is driven


Global cities’ contribution to inequality is more driven by financialization than globalization, new study finds

July 25, 2023 |

Global cities contribute to income inequality by concentrating high-paying jobs. But how much and why? Is it because they are major metropolises, political decision-making centers,


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